In the older seasons. Garynd would usually be shown as loving, and shares a bond with his owner.

BUT IN THE NEWER EPISODES! Gary is adggresive, PARTICLARY TO SQUIDWARD! In the episode THE THING! Spongebob introduces Gary to a creature he found. (With in reality is Squidward after a serious of unpleasent event). Gary automaditily attacks him. It is revealed Gary most likily NEW it was Squidward. Because Spongebob states Gary never attacked anyone like that EXSEPT SQUIDWARD!

His relationship with Spongebob has also became naggative. He would sass Spongebob after Spongebob tells Gary to do something. And most times Gary attacks Spongebob. Spongebob is still a caring parent. But in (A PAL FOR GARY). It is revealed Spongebob's stupidy has him blind to Gary's life being in danger. EXAMPLE! After seeing Gary inside the creatures mouth. Spongebob is mad at GARY! Because he thinks Gary tried EATING HIM!

But they both love each other


Editing Error

In I was a Teenage Gary, Squidward forgot to feed him not SpongeBob.

Gary's name

I don't know if its a good idea but shouldn't Gary's name be changed to Gary Squarepants?

Kh2cool 15:54, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

Reply: Well actually, his name is Gerald (Gary) Wilson Jr. although since he is a Jr. his father should be named Gary Wilson. Instead, his father's name is Sluggo, the Leech. His name might have been changed to Gary Wilson Jr. Squarepants when Spongebob had got him, yet not in even one of the episodes, it says his last name is Squarepants.

To expand on this, watching the episode "Treats!" in which Gary is addicted to Snail Bites, Spongebob calls him "Gary Wilson Jr." It should be added to his list of aliases if nothing else. -Dispari Scuro (talk) 22:38, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

Gary's Relatives

Has anyone noticed Gary's cousin is Patrick? Sea Stars and Snails aren't really related. So technically Gary's great, great, great, grandfather is a mollusk and married a sea star. That is physically immpossible, because animals much be in the same genus to reproduce.

Does anyone besides me wish that the episode 'Have you Seen this Snail' wasn't made?

Gary is my favorite character

Epiclaser1 (talk) 03:27, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

Garys the smartest charecter!

Please add this

In the episode "Plankton's Pet", Spongebob reveals that he adopted Gary at an animal shelter. Could someone add this to the page for me? Thanks,
Kallie Jo (talk) 15:18, May 10, 2014 (UTC)

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