Drive Thru (alternate version)


At The Krusty KRab, Spongebob notices Mr. Krabs filling a hole in the wall (which is surprisingly made of wood in this episode) with toothpaste. The hol instead becomes bigger. A customer comes an mistakes it for a Drive0thru, giving MR. Krabs the idea. Instead of the high-end equipment Spongebob points to in a catalog, Mr. Krabs uses cheap, useless, stuff to make the drive-thru (including a napkin made menu, and tin can phone), which Duke Toro criticizes him for. Larry orders from the drive0thru, but Spongebnob cannot reach his car, so Krabs makes a hole as high s LArry's face. A line goes thrpough the entire town, which the mayor and Duke Toro are unhappy about. Krabs makes another Drive-Thru. More hungry customers show up, Krabs makes another drive thru, causing the KK to crumble. Mr. Krabs cries, with Duke commenting that KRabs'll be working for the rest of his life.

Redoes of Existing Clips

  • When Mr. KRabs puts his menu and Mircophone up on the Drive-Thru, Duke Toro shows up and criticizes him for it.
  • Duke Toro appears next to the mayor saying he notified him about the Drive-Thru fiasco.
  • Duke Toro appears at the end, commenting that Krab's will be working for the rest of his life
  • When Squidward shows up with KK bag, Duke walks on screen, takes the bag without paying, and walking offscreen. Squidward also complains that Duke didn't pay for the meal. Duke also gets hit bby a car offscreen.
  • Duke gets rear-ended by a car when waiting in the 2nd rvie-thru

Added Clips

  • Duke Toro gives a bill to MR. KRabs for the damage done to his car. Krabs is also issued another bill from Duke for "pain and suffering" (eg, getting hit by a car)

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