I just noticed...that the first sentence of the article says that the chum bucket is a fictional restaurant...

Since this is the spongebob it REALLY necessary to mention that it's FICTIONAL? Just wondering about the redundancy and/or unnessecity. I don't it's necessary to mention that it's apart of the nickelodean television series SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS. I mean wur else rite?

with love, Cwjakesteel 00:41, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

Description of Restaurant

The description of the restaurant was recently changed to a 'blue hand that could be a glove'.

The blue hand looks very much like a glove beacuse of the wrist colar it has (or whatever you call it).

Also the colour looks like blue indigo, rather than blue.

It doesn't call the Chum Bucket it calls a mothering buissness.

I called the phone number and it wasn't the Chum Bucket, it was a business.

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