Tailor Tom's Tailor Shop is a shop in Bikini Bottom that appears in the episode "The Check-Up" and was founded by someone whose name is "Tom," hence the store's name.



The exterior is painted fern-green and has a window on the left that shows the inside and depicts the shop's name in aquamarine letters. Said window is centered in a light pink border. There is also an orangish-brown door on the right side bordered by light brown and a brown roof with a large statue of orange yarn being sewed by a needle on top.


The walls are the same color as the exterior.

Role in episode

While Mr. Krabs is walking down the street, worn out from the "free money" prank he fell for earlier, he reads a sign on the window of this shop that says they are selling free suits only for the time being, so he goes in. He is then greeted by the shop's "employees:" SpongeBob and Squidward, unbeknownst to Krabs. The pair abuses him in various ways like breaking his eyelids and spinning him around. This is so they can test him for his checkup to prevent the Krusty Krab being condemned by the B.B.B.B.B.

After realizing that they are bad tailors who are only abusing him for their entertainment, Mr. Krabs angrily leaves the shop and refuses to tell his friends about it when SpongeBob and Squidward advise him to.