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This is the page about T. rex. If you were looking for the article about the Squid Tyrannosaurus Rex, then see Squidasaurus Rex.
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark green and light olive green
Eye color: Black
Classification: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Enemies: Patchy the Pirate
Series information
First appearance: "Ugh"
Latest appearance: "Truth or Square"
List of characters

The Tyrannosaurus rex or T. rex for short, is a character that makes a cameo at the end of the episode,"Ugh," as a "gift" for Patchy which was given by Potty. He also makes a cameo in "Truth or Square" at the beginning with the other clips of Patchy.


He is a large T. rex with dark green color on the top of his body and olive green on the bottom. His animation moves are very similar to the Bumbles' moves in the Rudolph TV special.


He first appears in "Ugh" as a "gift" for Patchy which was given by Potty.

He later appears in "Truth or Square" where the clip of the T. rex chewing on Patchy is shown.


  • In full body view when he was shown to Patchy from Potty and when Patchy gets chased by him, his animation movements are done in stop-motion.
  • In close-up view when he was devouring Patchy from the legs, he was a hand puppet which looks exactly like his head.

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