SwapBob SpareFace is an extra in the game SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis.


It allows the player to customize the SpongeBob that appears on the main menu screen and in the level descriptions.

Players can customize SpongeBob's hat, facial features, tie, pants/shirt, and shoes.

Players can unlock more options by using the points they get from winning Amulets in the levels to purchase new options in the shop.



  • Nothing
  • Pirate Hat
  • Slick Hair*
  • Cowboy Hat*
  • Old-style Football Helmet*
  • Fez*
  • Viking Helmet*
  • Aviator Hat*
  • Bouffant Wig*
  • Punk Hair*
  • Atlantean Helmet*
  • Pilgrim Hat*
  • Sombrero*


  • Normal
  • Sunglasses
  • Cute Eyes*
  • Nerd Glasses*
  • Hypno Eyes*
  • Aviator Goggles*
  • Starry Eyes*
  • 8-ball Eyes*
  • Eye Patch*
  • Glam Glasses*

Facial Hair

  • Nothing
  • Colonel Beard
  • Scraggly Beard*
  • Chaplin Mustache*
  • Curly Mustache*
  • Plaited Beard*
  • Big Mustaches*
  • Bushy Beard*
  • Long Mustache*
  • Atlantis Mask*


  • Normal Tie
  • Stripy Tie
  • Medallion*
  • Pirate Scarf*
  • Bow Tie*
  • Aviator Scarf*
  • Rocfish Rosette*


  • Normal
  • Underwear
  • Cowboy Clothes*
  • Aviator Jacket*
  • Diaper*
  • Old-Style Football Clothes*
  • Pirate Shorts*
  • Business Suit*
  • Atlantean Suit*
  • Viking Kilt*


  • Normal Shoes
  • Buckets
  • Aviator Boots*
  • Cleats*
  • Roller Skates*
  • Atlantean Shoes*
  • Glam Shoes*
  • Pirate Boots*
  • Rocket-booster Shoes*
  • Cowboy Boots*
  • Viking Boots*
  • Spats*

Note: Customizations marked with an "*" must be purchased from the shop.


  • The Fez looks just like the one that SpongeBob and Patrick wear in "Good Neighbors."
  • The Slick Hair looks similar to the hair that SpongeBob has in "The Chaperone."
  • The Rocfish Rosette is a reference to Team RocFISH, the company that produced the console versions of the game.
  • If the player makes SpongeBob wear all the customisations of the same theme, he will say a line related to the said theme.
    • If he wears all the Atlantean customisations, he will say he feels a sudden urge to eat ice cream.
    • If he wears all the pirate customisations, he will say he‘s been waiting to wear the outfit so he can say 'arrr' as much as possible.
    • If he wears all the cowboy customisations, he will say that he is 'the fastest spatula in the West.’
    • If he wears all the football customisations, he will ask the player to call him 'SpongeBob FootballPants.' He then gets confused about whether the sport is called football or soccer, before thinking it is chess, and asking the player to call him 'SpongeBob Queen-to-Pawn-Four-Pants.'
    • If he wears all the viking customisations, he will call himself 'SpongeBob VikingPants,' and states that he's ready to plunder fjords while wearing his beard.
    • If he wears all the aviator customisations, he will state it's cold, and comments that the television screen needs to be heated, breaking the fourth wall.