Surgery is a board game that only appears in the episode "Patrick! The Game."


The game is packaged in a lime green box depicting a blue fish operating on a green patient lying on the table, with blue electric sparks referencing the game's buzzer. The game's title is written in dark-green letters on the side of the box.

The game's board is yellow with a blue border. The board depicts a pink female fish with metal holes containing plastic ailments.

Role in episode

Surgery was one of the board games that Patrick used to make his own board game.

During Sandy's turn, she pulls a card saying to remove the fin bone from the player to the left. She puts Squidward down while he explains that he is an octopus, and therefore doesn't have a fin bone. It it then revealed that she is pulling a toy from the game.


Patrick! The Game - Trailer 07

The patient's lack of clothes

  • Oddly enough, the game's patient isn't seen wearing clothes.
    • This may be referencing that in the original version of Operation, the patient is naked.