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Superior by Squidward03:34

Superior by Squidward

"Superior" is the 16th track from "The Best Day Ever" album. It is performed by Squidward Tentacles. In this song, Squidward brags about how he is better than everyone else and describes the fancy living of someone superior.


I look out from my window at the losers down below.
I'm a king, and they're just bums.
I'm the toast among the crumbs.
The profile in the mirror gets more classic everyday.
Every feature, every trait.

Is this to be my fate? Oh, why was I made this way -ay?!
Blast you.
Superior. I'm so much better than you.
A cut above the rest.
In so many ways I'm blessed
Oh woe is me. What shall I do?
Superior. The creamy creme de la crop.
I'm flying on a higher plane.
Tried to drag me down your drain,
But I'll remain right here on top.
Thank you.
Eons and eons of devolving peons
Have just served to lower the bar.
It's survival of the dumbest,
While us great ones get punished,
In a world of black holes, I'm a star!
Superior. Oh, don't you wish you were me.
You're so bland, and I'm sublime.
A pearl cast before you swine,
But you're too blind to see.
A cut crystal jar. A fine caviar.
A bubble bath, and gold pinky rings.

Ascots and brie. Me, me, me, and more me.
Along with a quartet of strings.
Watch me work.
Wait for me now.
Well, somebody's flat.
My reed, sorry.
Now pick it up. 5, 6, 7, 8.
Superior. You ask me how I know.
The answer's so profound. Oh, how I dumb this down?

You inferior. Me superior.
Nothing makes me leerier than your gouache exterior!
I'm superior!
The next evolutionary step.
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