Superb Bubble is a brand of bubbles that appears in the episodes "Porous Pockets" and "Rodeo Daze."


They are bubbles that appear to be rather durable and competent at travelling and obtaining people or objects. The bottle and cap are light blue in color and said bottle has a pink label that depicts the product's name transcribed in dark-blue letters within a yellow explosion banner. Below this, there are illustrations of the bubbles inside the bottle and the wand included, as well as the words "wand included" written in yellow letters within a red oval.

Role in series

"Porous Pockets"

When SpongeBob and Patrick witness a clam choking at Jellyfish Fields, the former spreads the soap of Superb Bubbles on their bottom lips with the wand to help them recover, but the latter calls him out for this decision and tries curing the clam by lifting them up and spraining their back, worsening the situation. The clam then recovers after they spit out a pearl.

"Rodeo Daze"

Since no one else is willing to help save Sandy from a dangerous rodeo, SpongeBob captures all of the Bikini Bottomites with these bubbles while they are sleeping in persuation for them to do so. The bubbles travel through people's houses and lift them off their beds to send them to SpongeBob's house.

The following day, the Bikini Bottomites wake up in SpongeBob's bedroom after his foghorn alarm clock pops all the bubbles they were trapped in. Everyone is angered by SpongeBob's abduction of them. Squidward mistakes it as an invitation to one of his sleepovers, so he leaves, but then realizes that he's trapped since the bubble has lifted SpongeBob's house up to send everyone to Texas.

Once they arrive, SpongeBob witnesses Sandy fighting a bullfrog and wants to save her, but the bubble is then popped by the frog, who proceeds to attack SpongeBob, leaving it up to Sandy to save him.

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