Sun Block is a brand of sunscreen that appears in the episodes "Gone," "Sun Bleached," and "Stuck in the Wringer."


"Sun Bleached"

The bottle is pale yellow and has a blue label on it. Said blue label has the words "Sun Block 100% Protection" written in red. At the bottom, there is a picture of Mr. Sun.


The bottle is blue and has a picture of the sun and it has the words "Sun Block SPF. 28" written in red.

"Stuck in the Wringer"

The bottle is red. It has an obscured picture of the sun and the brand name written in yellow on it.


"Sun Bleached"

SpongeBob and Patrick use the sun block to put on Sun Block coats.


SpongeBob uses sun block on Boaty when they are at Goo Lagoon.

"Stuck in the Wringer"

Patrick has some sun block in his skin pouches.


  • In "Gone," the sun block label says "SPF" on it, which stands for "Sun Protection Factor."
  • "Stuck in the Wringer" is the only episode where Sun Block doesn't have any blue color on it.

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