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The Boat to Sun Fun Island

Sun-N-Fun Island is a summer camp that SpongeBob was suppose to go to. Most kids in Bikini Bottom go here during the summer, including Monroe Timmy, Paco, and other kids. SpongeBob didn't go here, because by mistake he went to Inferno Island, a cruel prison island. Only one counselor is known to work there, Camp Counselor Kraus.


  • Counselor Kraus is the Leader.
  • It is only possible to go by boat (cruise) to get here.
  • It was only mentioned in "The Inmates of Summer."
  • The campers appear again in "Giant Squidward."
  • The only known activity for campers was making macaroni pictures. Like many, if not all, camps singing campfire songs is what happens there.
  • There's a large airshow in Lakeland, Florida, known as Sun 'n Fun.
  • One of the campers (the purple octopus) is seen again in "Hello Bikini Bottom" at the birthday party.

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