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Subliminal Message Girl
Subliminal Message Girl
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Light
Eye color: Blue
Series information
Appearance: "Gary Takes a Bath"
Portrayer: Merriwether Williams
List of characters

The Subliminal Message Girl is a picture of a girl who appears when SpongeBob causes Gary to see subliminal messages in the episode "Gary Takes a Bath."


She is a creepy cross-eyed girl with blonde hair done in upturned braids. She has freckles and rosy cheeks. She also has a missing tooth.


  • Her laugh can be heard in "Party Pooper Pants" but she is not seen.
  • In the United States, the episode she is in, "Gary Takes a Bath," was almost banned because of this joke.
  • In many countries, this joke was cut from the episode for mature reasons.
    Subliminal Message Girl in YTV promo

    Subliminal Message Girl as seen in YTV promo.

  • Some people have asked Nickelodeon to cut the scene she appears in from any more airings of "Gary Takes a Bath" because it disturbs them.
  • Due to her laugh, this character has become a popular YouTube meme.
  • Subliminal Message Girl was featured in a YTV promo, and as a joke, her pigtails, her eyes, and her mouth gets censored.
  • It is most likely she is Scottish, because of her outfit.

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