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Sublime Seafoods

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Sublime Seafoods
Sublime Seafoods
Industry: Resturant
Location: Bottom's Up!
Employment: Shapiro The Matire'd
Lisa The Coat Check Girl
Federico the Waiter
Tony The Bouncer
Products: Fancy Food
First appearance: Employee of the Month (video game)
Latest appearance: Nick Racers Revolution 3D
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Sublime Seafoods is a Fancy Restaurant as seen in the Game, Employee of the Month. It is located on top of a cliff overlooking Kelp Forest. It is owned by Shapiro The Matrie'd, a Upper-class Shrimp in a Tuxedo. There is a Slogan for this restaurant, it is Sublime Seafoods, Tastes like Chicken! It is a brand new slogan. There is a Tank on display full of Jellyfish. There is a large Muscular Waiter that looks like Larry. Most people who visit here are fancy, SpongeBob just got lucky. It is the Fanciest Restaurant in Bottom's Up!. SpongeBob got kicked out when he ordered a krabby patty, so the waiter shouted and threw him out.


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