Stockholder Eel is an eel who works as the CEO of Business Industries and serves as the main antagonist in the episode "The Executive Treatment."


He is a lime green colored eel with a light brown mustache and light green fins and legs. He wears a blue and purple suit, a magenta colored tie, and a gold monocle.

Role in episode

When Patrick is accidentally brought into Business Industries, the Stockholder Eel quickly gets fed up with Patrick's antics and warns him that he will only give Patrick 18 chances to prove himself worthy of being a Business Industries executive. In the montage that follows, Patrick continues to goof off, annoying the Stockholder more and more. Eventually, the Stockholder decides to fire Patrick. In retaliation, Patrick reveals that he was not an executive, telling the Stockholder he could not be fired due to this, only to have the Stockholder arrest him for corporate espionage.


  • Stockholder Eel is the second humanoid eel seen in the entire series, the first being the unnamed eel from the episode "Walking Small."