Stickyfins Whiting is a prisoner who appears in the episode "The Getaway."


He is a light pale blue muscular fish and has a light blue dorsal fin. He wears a black and white striped jail outfit. He has a five o' clock shave and wears a hat the same color as his shirt.


Stickyfins Whiting is a very stubborn, conniving, direct speaking fish. He is slightly rude to strangers, such as SpongeBob, while he is slightly nicer to his friend, Dorsal Dan. He also has a very huge temper, but loads of patience, as shown by his actions towards SpongeBob. Despite all of that, he is shown as someone who breaks down after taking excessive abuse from his ride with SpongeBob, and at the end of those escapades, he is shown to be willing to stay in prison, signaling a drastic change considering he started out the episode by escaping.


Stickyfins Whiting is seen escaping prison when SpongeBob meets him. He hops into a car with SpongeBob and while deciding to use SpongeBob's naivety to steal from various stores such as a jewelry and electronic store, he gains various injuries from SpongeBob's rampant driving. Ironically, him trying to use that to his advantage is his downfall, as SpongeBob's driving causes him to vault out of the boat into the prison yard and instead of trying to resist imprisonment, he directly runs into solitary confinement, pleading to be kept away from SpongeBob forever, claiming it is too dangerous to be near him.


  • "Drive crazy!"
  • "Just get us out of here!"
  • [sobbing] "I just wanna know... what'd I ever do to deserve this?!"
  • "Turn right!"
  • "Dorsal Dan! Help meeeee!"


  • Whiting is the second criminal to take advantage of SpongeBob to commit a crime, only for it to be a downfall due to his naive annoyance, making him desperate to be far away from him, the first being the Tattletale Strangler.