The Stench-Vision Goggles are a special-type of goggles created by Plankton that were only seen in the episode "Move It or Lose It."


The Stench-Vision Goggles themselves are black in color but the lenses are light red. They also have two tubes that connect to the nose.

Role in episode

The Stench-Vision Goggles are one of many of Plankton's inventions sold at his garage sale during the events of "Move It or Lose It." Nat Peterson was the one interested in them and paid $1,000 for the goggles.


  • Given its name, the Stench-Vision Goggles may allow the user to actually see different types of smells.
  • The Stench-Vision Goggles are the only things sold at Plankton's garage sale that were given a confirmed sale price.

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