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The starfish minister is a starfish that only appears in the episode "Rule of Dumb." He visits Patrick to tell him that he descended from royalty.


He is a coral pink starfish that has a black, curly mustache and wears a black suit, blue bowtie, and black top hat with a purple stripe.

Role in episode

He first appears when he tells SpongeBob and Patrick that Patrick is descended from royalty. He appears again near the end of the episode, only to be confronted by Patrick who does not want the crown anymore. The starfish minister tells Patrick that power comes with great responsibility, and that he actually came back to tell Patrick he is not the rightful heir to the crown. He takes out the paper showing Patrick's family tree, and wipes off a coffee stain, revealing that Gary is the rightful heir to the crown. The starfish minister gives the crown to Gary, much to the mollusk's delight.