The Star Rock Inn is a resort that only appears in the episode "Patrick's Staycation."



The resort is made out of sand and is located in Patrick Star's house. It is remodeled to accommodate itself as a resort.

Role in episode

Patrick and SpongeBob go to a travel agency to book a trip, but once it is revealed that Patrick can't afford any of them, the pair is kicked out.

SpongeBob suggests a "staycation," a vacation that takes place at one's home. Patrick likes the idea and agrees. His rock is then remodeled into a hotel and SpongeBob is the employment of all occupations. As a receptionist, SpongeBob, calling himself "Todd," gives Patrick his key and shows him his room. Patrick does not like the way the room is designed and would like SpongeBob to remodel it. All the furniture is then stacked into one large pile. Patrick, still not satisfied, tells SpongeBob it's probably the walls. The furniture then collapses in a heap of sand.

Later, there is a tub of water, which SpongeBob refers to as the pool. Patrick wants to dive in but realizes there isn't a diving board, so SpongeBob makes one out of a stool and plank of wood. When Patrick dives off of it, he hits his head on the side of the tub and falls in. SpongeBob acts as the lifeguard and pulls a drowning Patrick out of the water and performs CPR on him with a peppermint stick.

Later on, Patrick gets hungry, so SpongeBob acts as the waiter. He gets Patrick's barbecue out and makes a Krabby Patty on it. Patrick gets bored of waiting and demands some entertainment, which SpongeBob provides him, though Patrick dismisses his attempts as "lame."

After the grill is abandoned for too long, smoke is omitted from it and the burger starts to burn, which leads Patrick to abandoning his hotel and going to Squidward's house for food before SpongeBob can even recover the patty.