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Squog is an ancestor of Squidward Tentacles. He was alive during the B.C. era. He enjoyed painting like his descendant, Squidward, but unlike him, can paint prodigiously. He is not shown playing an instrument, but it can be inferred that he could do that well too, as the bad-clarinet-playing part of his line started with Squidly, from the Medieval Era. He owns a house and two clubs, and apparently the clubs have emotions of some sort, as one cried when Squog chose the other to go yell at Prehistoric Gary with. Mostly, he slips on the slime trail of Prehistoric Gary. His neighbors are SpongeGar and Patar. Squog has appeared in "Ugh", "Atlantis SquarePantis," and "Lights, Camera, Pants!" when you go to the Past.


Squog mostly looks like Squidward except for the following: 

  • Squog more often smiles instead of frowning.
  • He wears a leopard fur one-shouldered ragged tunic.
  • He has one tooth like SpongeGar, but on his bottom jaw.
  • He has a thick unibrow. (Similar to Squilliam, but Squilliam's isn't rectangular)
  • He Appears in Ugh, Lights, Camera, Pants! and Atlantis SquarePantis
  • He is seen as one of Squidward's self-portraits.
  • He has a tiny bit of hair on the top.
  • Him, like Patar and SpongeGar, has five o'clock shadow.
  • Over his eyes, he has a unibrow.


  • He doesn't seem to mind SpongeGar or Patar, unlike his descendant, Squidward, hating SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Squog does not have a past relative, a Primitive Squid, for unknown reasons. (Unlike SpongeGar and SpongeBob, who have the Primitive Sponge, and Patar and Patrick, who have the Primitive Star.)
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