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Squilvia is a character that only appears in the episode Love That Squid. In that episode, Squidward goes on a date with her.

Squilvia's first seen entering the Krusty Krab. Squidward sees her and quickly falls in love with her. Squidward tries to talk to her, but was very nervous and SpongeBob offered to train him to be on a date with her.


Squilvia has red eyes, black hair, a curved nose, and pink lips. She wears a pink dress with ruffle tips and carries a velvet purse. No one knows if she is new to the town or not knowing if she has any friends. Most likely she's new to Bikini Bottom. It was never re-called if the date went great with her and Squidward. But it seems like the date went well, so it can be assumed that they're still dating and are possibly boyfriend-and-girlfriend, and Squilvia might appear in later episodes because nothing's ever said about them breaking up.


Squilvia appeared in appeared in Love That Squid. She was seen entering the Krusty Krab to order food. She found it quite interesting. Squidward immediately fell in love with her, and tried to talk to her, but was too nervous. SpongeBob helped him, and told Squilvia about Squidward, and she agreed to go on a date with him.

Unfortunately for Squidward, it had been a long time since the last time he went out on an actual date, but SpongeBob offered to help on him by setting him up on a "practice date." However, the practice date went terribly, causing Squidward to yell at SpongeBob to stay away from him, but then he turns around to see Squilvia standing there, and she admits that she had witnessed the entire exchange.

At first, Squidward assumes that Squilvia won't go out with him since he acted like a jerk to SpongeBob. But Squilvia tells him that she actually likes him even more, admitting that she thinks "a guy who can't take fools lightly is totally dreamy. Let's go eat!" Squidward gets all happy and excited that Squilvia thinks he's dreamy.


  • Squilvia is a portmanteau of "squid" and "Sylvia", the latter being a female name.
  • It's possible that she may be from Tentacle Acres.
  • Her skin color is the same as Squidward's in the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • It is unknown if Squilvia will appear in other episodes and it is unknown if she and Squidward are still dating.
  • Strangely, Squidward seemed to like her, but never mentioned her after that episode.
  • Squilvia is often confused with Squidette.
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