Squilliam's House
Squilliams House
Industry: Housing
Founder: Squilliam Fancyson
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
First appearance: "Band Geeks"
Latest appearance: "House Fancy"
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Squilliam's House is a large mansion that is owned by Squilliam Fancyson. It is one of the fanciest and tallest houses in Bikini Bottom. It consists of two Easter Island heads, with a castle on the top. It makes its first appearance in "Band Geeks."



The house consists of a base that looks like an Easter Island Head, but with another one on top, ending in a balcony, and tipped with a flag. The place also has a beautiful garden with a golden doorknob unibrow and soda waterfall.


Inside the house at the front door, there is a large foyer with white marble columns and decorative paintings.

Across a hall, a Gilded Door knob is attached to the wall, but function-less. The bathroom features a golden toilet and a jewel-encrusted toilet paper holder. On the same floor, there is an elevator. The hallway heading to the elevator is decorated with marble busts of Squilliam, paintings, and columns. Inside the elevator is decorated with pictures of Squilliam, who is posing as Poseidon (holding a trident). The floors are G, 2, 3, 4, (many others), Not Quite, Almost Roof. and The Roof. When starting the elevator and the door closes, golden fish heads in the wall will squirt out warm water, making it a hot tub.

The roof has a garden; in the garden, there is a waterfall and a stream of Soda Pop (with sea horses as fountains), flowers, a marble bust of Squilliam's head (which has a nose, functional as a phone), and a 130-foot sculpture of Squilliam's unibrow, made completely out of gilded doorknobs. Nicholas described it has huge and lifelike. Interestingly, the elevator could go to the roof even if the roof is small and has a flag.


It was first seen very briefly in "Band Geeks" when Squidward is on the phone with Squilliam.

It was seen again in the episode "House Fancy," when Nicholas Whithers took a tour of his house (On his show called "House Fancy").


  • Squilliam's garden is at the rooftop, but a flat area at the highest part of his house is missing.
  • Even though Squilliam's House has a long hallway, his house isn't wide enough to support it.
  • Squilliam's House might possibly be the tallest house in Bikini Bottom.
    • It may also be the tallest building in Bikini Bottom, as the Krusty Towers collapsed.
    • The Krusty Towers were at least 17 floors high, so that means Squilliam's house must be more than 17 floors.

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