I call this one: "Squidward en repose."
— Squidward
Squidward en Repose
Producer: Squidward Tentacles
Type: Art
Appearance: "Artist Unknown"
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"Squidward en Repose," or more commonly referred to as Squidward in Repose, is a piece of avant-garde artwork made by Squidward to impress the art critic, Monty P. Moneybags. It only appears in the episode "Artist Unknown."


It is a figurine that looks like Squidward but is abstractly made. It has two springs on the top, what looks like a wing on one side, two eyes with large pupils, a nose resembling Squidward's, a hole underneath, and an orange base.


  • This painting, along with Bold and Brash, have become very popular on the internet.
  • "En" is French for "in."

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