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Squidward Chat was a short-lived talk show created and hosted by Squidward Tentacles in the episode "Tentacle-Vision." It was later replaced by Squidward's House Party.


After learning about how simple it is to create and host a TV show, Squidward decided to make his own. At first, he was the only member of the crew and the cast. When SpongeBob and Patrick joined along with Sandy, Plankton, Pearl, and Mr. Krabs to attend, the show proved to attract unwanted guests rather than viewers which also proved to be unsuccessful. It got replaced by the more successful Squidward's House Party.


Written and Hosted by

Squidward Tentacles


SpongeBob SquarePants


Squidward Tentacles with Pearl Krabs

Eugene Krabs with Sheldon Plankton

Sandy Cheeks


SpongeBob SquarePants with Patrick Star

Production Assistants

Patrick Star with Sheldon Plankton

Sandy Cheeks


Pearl Krabs


Squidward Tentacles

Camera: Patrick Star

Intro by: Squidward Tentacles

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