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Throughout the course of the series, Squidward is usually shown to have a considerable dislike towards SpongeBob SquarePants, for constantly ruining his day and driving him up the wall with his annoying antics. This dislike would grow more in later episodes. However, once in a while, Squidward has occasionally shown kindness towards SpongeBob under certain circumstances.

Interactions throughout the series

As seen in "Truth or Square," Squidward was once living a happy life in Bikini Bottom with a fancy garden next to his house. One day, a pineapple fell off a boat and crushed his garden, immediately becoming the home of SpongeBob SquarePants after he moved into the neighborhood. Patrick appeared to have already been living next door to Squidward sometime prior to the incident.

Spongebob welcome Squidward

SpongeBob seems to be the character most hated by Squidward, probably until the end of the episode "Restraining SpongeBob" where Squidward releases him from the order and places Patrick there instead, even though Squidward still hates SpongeBob. SpongeBob is usually oblivious to Squidward's hatred of him and is often very nice to Squidward despite this. SpongeBob has kissed Squidward twice in the series (in "Can You Spare a Dime?" and again in "Dear Vikings"), and has even quoted that he "likes" Squidward after saying his name twice in "20,000 Patties Under the Sea."

Throughout the show, there have been some instances where SpongeBob was aware that Squidward hated him, such as in the episode "SpongeBob You're Fired", where Squidward asked SpongeBob if he knew he hated him and he replied "Yes."

Times when SpongeBob was mean to Squidward

While SpongeBob has been nice to Squidward in almost all episodes, there have been some instances where he was mean to him.

  • "Employee of the Month" - SpongeBob is mad at Squidward throughout the episode, and they keep setting traps for each other while trying to get to the Krusty Krab.
  • "Can You Spare a Dime?" - SpongeBob is mad at Squidward near the end of the episode because of his freeloading.
  • "Breath of Fresh Squidward" - SpongeBob yells and says, "Stop it! Maybe you can take my job, and maybe you can take my place on the Employee of the Month Wall of Fame, but nobody and I mean nobody, pogo stick dances with that guy (Patrick) but me! Now do yourself a big fat favor and get out bub!" This makes Squidward very sad, but he also turns back to normal upon touching his electric fence again.

Times when Squidward was nice to SpongeBob

While Squidward normally hates SpongeBob, he has shown kindness towards him at some points of the series. He is generally nicer to SpongeBob than he is to Patrick.

  • "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" - Squidward befriends SpongeBob after he heals his back.
  • "Pizza Delivery" - Squidward rescues SpongeBob from being run over by a truck. Later in the episode, Squidward stands up for SpongeBob after his feelings are hurt by an angry customer. Squidward slams the pizza in the customer's face and cheers up SpongeBob by telling him that the customer "ate the whole thing in one bite."
  • "SB-129" - After being in the past and the future, Squidward admits he misses SpongeBob and wants to go home. When he gets home, he sees SpongeBob and Patrick, saying, "You don't know how happy I am to see you guys!" Though he quickly becomes annoyed by the fact that he invented jellyfishing.
  • "Fools in April" - After playing a nasty trick, SpongeBob becomes upset and runs home crying. Squidward tries apologizing numerous times, until he finally comes clean and gives a full apology.
  • "Dying for Pie" - After SpongeBob supposedly eats a bomb, Squidward feels guilty and tries to give SpongeBob the best day ever by doing ridiculous things on SpongeBob's list before he explodes. Later, Squidward nervously counts down to one and when he hears an explosion, he starts to sob over SpongeBob. But it turns out SpongeBob blew an explosive bubble, much to Squidward's chagrin.
  • "Band Geeks" - Squidward was dancing to SpongeBob's song.
  • "Christmas Who?" - Because Santa Claus didn't come to Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob becomes very upset and Squidward makes fun of him. Though SpongeBob gives Squidward a new customized clarinet as a present, Squidward feels bad for what he did and realizes that his grouchy attitude had ruined Christmas for everyone. He dresses up as Santa and gives away all of his things to other people to make SpongeBob happy and restore Bikini Bottom's Christmas spirit.
  • "Graveyard Shift" - When the Hash Slinging Slasher is about to get them, Squidward admits that he always sort of liked SpongeBob, but SpongeBob spoils it by admitting that he used Squidward's clarinet to unclog his toilet.
  • "Idiot Box" - When Squidward kicks the box, he starts an avalanche. Squidward becomes worried about SpongeBob and Patrick and checks inside the box to see if they are alright.
  • "Can You Spare a Dime?" - Squidward acts nice to SpongeBob for letting him stay in his home. However, he later takes advantage of SpongeBob's kindness.
  • "Squilliam Returns" - Squidward tells SpongeBob he can't thank him enough for all he's doing while making Squilliam believe he owns the Krusty Krab as a five-star restaurant.
  • "Born Again Krabs" - Squidward angrily scolds Mr. Krabs when he trades SpongeBob for sixty-two cents. He says that he should be ashamed before Mr. Krabs claims he wants SpongeBob back.
  • "The Camping Episode" - After being warned multiple times about sea bears by SpongeBob and Patrick and attacked multiple times by one, Squidward finally believes and joins them in their anti-seabear circle, which serves as a defense against attack. Squidward expresses gratitude to SpongeBob and Patrick for saving his life.
  • "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" - Squidward warns SpongeBob about the Tattletale Strangler after turning him in. Later, he is somehow happy to party with SpongeBob and the other citizens.
  • "Skill Crane" - When Squidward lost control of the crane and it started reversing fast, he warned SpongeBob he couldn't stop it.
  • "Funny Pants" - Squidward tricks SpongeBob into thinking he can never laugh again. Because of his disastrous crying, Squidward feels that he made a mistake. He feels sorry for SpongeBob and tells him it was only a joke.
  • "Wishing You Well" - When SpongeBob points out that Squidward is standing on his foot, Squidward apologizes, when he was rude to Patrick when he pointed out that he had his elbow in his ribs.
  • "Best Day Ever" - Squidward invites SpongeBob to his clarinet recital.
  • "Breath of Fresh Squidward" - After Squidward is shocked by his own electrical fence, he turns nice towards SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • "Not Normal" - After SpongeBob turns "normal," Squidward becomes friends with SpongeBob and the two get along for most of the episode.
  • "Boating Buddies" - Squidward begs SpongeBob for help reaching his pencil during a test after being beat up but SpongeBob reminds Squidward of what he said not too long ago: "I'm not your buddy! I don't need your help and I don't need you! Now just kindly let me take this stupid test so I can get out of here and never have to see you again for the rest of my life!" and only for that to be recorded by another student. Afterwards, Squidward admits he and SpongeBob are "Boating Buddies."
  • "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" - SpongeBob changes his identity by becoming as rude and lazy as Squidward, and the two get along pretty well until Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to take off his new pants.
  • "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" - When SpongeBob makes all of the garbage disappear, Squidward says he now hates him a little less, much to SpongeBob's joy. Later, he thanks SpongeBob for destroying Squilliam's statue.
  • "Enchanted Tiki Dreams" - Appreciates SpongeBob and Patrick for creating the Enchanted Tiki Island, and even dances with them.
  • "Krusty Dogs" - Squidward cooperates with SpongeBob to put Krabby Patties back on the menu.
  • "Squidward in Clarinetland"- Squidward gives SpongeBob a hand with the dishes as he's listening to Kelpy G.
  • "Sponge-Cano!" - Although he wasn't up to admitting it at first, Squidward later admits he always accepted SpongeBob as a friend before almost falling into the volcano.
  • "Big Sister Sam" - SpongeBob and Squidward are on the same side of the argument saying that it's unfair that Sam dismantled Squidward's house, and throughout the episode are both referred to as "meanies" by both Sam and Patrick.
  • "Restraining SpongeBob" - After SpongeBob ends the fight between Squidward and Patrick, Squidward removes SpongeBob from the restraining order and places Patrick on it instead.
  • "Demolition Doofus" - Squidward "thanks" SpongeBob for getting some carrots out of his garden.
  • "SpongeBob, You're Fired!" - Squidward is in a disguise as a Krabby Patty rescuing SpongeBob from four competing restaurant owners, Pizza Pete, Mr. Weenier, Noodleman, and Señor Taco, and begs SpongeBob to come back and be the fry cook once again. In addition, Squidward admits that he hates the smell of burnt Krabby Patties more than SpongeBob.
  • "Squid Plus One" - Squidward asked SpongeBob to go to the Galleria Diphteria with him saying yes.
  • "Two Thumbs Down" - As SpongeBob fails to pick up his spatula and keep it in his hand, as well as trying to cook the patties, Squidward offers to help SpongeBob, saying that his thumbs work. However, SpongeBob insists that Squidward not help him, thinking that he can do it. When Mr. Krabs dismisses SpongeBob to go home, Squidward looks at him with a sorrowful expression on his face, meaning that he actually feels sorry for him.
  • "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" - Squidward begs SpongeBob to get re-hired at the Krusty Krab.


  • In "Ugh" and "Pest of the West," it was shown that their ancestors were friends, making it ironic that Squidward detests SpongeBob while he enjoys Squidward's company. Even then, Squidward's ancestors were still somewhat unfriendly towards SpongeBob's sometimes.