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Squidward's toilet

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Squid's Day Off 31

Old Squidward toilet. Seen in "Squid's Day Off".

Squidward's toilet is a toilet who makes an appearance in "House Fancy." Patrick came running into Squidward's house, telling him that he desperately had to use the bathroom. After Patrick finishes, the toilet comes crawling out of the bathroom in agony. Its only lines were, "Please, sombody put me out of my misery!" and "Have mercy on my soul!" before dying in Squidward's arms. It also made a brief appearance in "Choir Boys," where it is shown with Squidward's Toilet Paper, whose only line was, "Don't feel bad. He didn't use me yesterday either."

The Squidward toilet

New Squidward toilet. Seen in "Choir Boys."

It's first appearance was in "Squid's Day Off," where Squidward mistakes it for SpongeBob


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