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Squidward's Lawyers

Harry, Combover, and Bald

Squidward's Lawyers are a group of men that appear only in the episode "Restraining SpongeBob." They are three men in suits that were hired by Squidward. They decided that SpongeBob was forced to stay 15 feet away from Squidward, and placed a restraining order on him. Their names are Harry, Combover, and Bald, who each are what their name describes them as. Harry is really hairy. Combover has a combover, and Bald is bald.


"We are the law officers, Harry, Combover and Bald."

"You've been served!"

"That's not our problem!"


  • These three have a tendency to all talk simultaneously.
  • It is unknown on how they left. They could have either swam or "flown" away.
  • Harry, Combover, and Bald are each a type of hairstyle.
  • All of the lawyers are wearing shoes. Harry wears white shoes, while Combover and Bald both wear black ones.

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