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We are the law officers, Harry, Combover and Bald.
— Squidward's Lawyers, "Restraining SpongeBob"
Squidward's Lawyers
Squidward's Lawyers
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Working for Squidward
Occupation(s): Lawyers
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Blue, light orange, and purple
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Series information
Appearance: "Restraining SpongeBob"
Portrayer: Clancy Brown - Harry
Bill Fagerbakke - Bald
Rodger Bumpass - Combover
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Squidward's Lawyers are a group of men that appear only in the episode, "Restraining SpongeBob." They decided that SpongeBob was forced to stay 15 feet away from Squidward, and placed a restraining order on him. Their names are Harry, Combover, and Bald, who each are what their name describes them as, Harry is really hairy, Combover has a combover, and Bald is bald.


They are three men in suits, the left one is Harry, middle one is Combover and the right one is Bald. They were hired by Squidward.


  • "You've been served!"
  • "That's not our problem!"


  • These three have a tendency to all talk simultaneously, and can finish each other's sentences.
  • It is unknown exactly how they left. They could have either swam or "flown" away.
  • Harry, Combover, and Bald are each a type of hairstyle.
  • All of the lawyers are wearing different colored shoes. Harry wears white shoes, while Combover wears brown and Bald wears black ones.

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