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Squidward's workstation
050b - Krusty Krab Training Video (001)
Owner: Eugene H. Krabs
Type: Workstation
First appearance: "Help Wanted"
Latest appearance: "Spin the Bottle"
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Squidward's workstation is a workstation occupied by Squidward Tentacles in the Krusty Krab and appears in most episodes taking place at the restaurant.


It is a white sailboat-like workstation with a red bottom and is accompanied by the Krusty Krab's cash register. It is located behind the Krusty Krab kitchen window and above the workstation is the Galley Grub and an Order Here sign in green with black letters.

Role in series

Squidward occupies this workstation to take the customers' orders and store their money in the cash register. However, he is known to despise this occupation and typically sleeps on the job in the boat or reads magazines in it.

Despite having been broken apart in "Help Wanted" when the anchovies cause rampage, it is shown to have recovered after this instance.


  • It is used as an actual sailboat in "F.U.N.," "Wormy," and "Love That Squid."
  • Squidward's workstation is shown getting destroyed multiple times throughout the series.

"We paid nine dollars for this?"
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