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Squidward's Wax Sculpture

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Squidward's Wax Sculpture
Squidward (right) standing by his wax sculpture (left)
Producer: Squidward Tentacles
Owner: Squidward Tentacles
Type: Art
Appearance: "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost"
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Squidward's Wax Sculpture is a sculpture created by Squidward Tentacles in the episode "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost."


Squidward's Wax Sculpture greatly resembles Squidward in appearance even with the brown shirt.


Squidward makes this wax sculpture of himself as one of his many artistic creations. Squidward then decides to take a bath, leaving his wax sculpture unattended. Unfortunately for Squidward, his wax sculpture is ruined by SpongeBob and Patrick who are playing around with a shell. SpongeBob and Patrick think that the wax sculpture actually is Squidward and they try their best to revive him. Untimely, the wax sculpture melts away after being left in the sun for too long with SpongeBob and Patrick believing they killed Squidward.

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