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Squidward's Sombrero

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Squidward's Sombrero

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Type: Hat
First appearance: "Idiot Box"
Latest appearance: "The Camping Episode"
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Squidward's Sombrero is a sombrero Squidward used to attract a Sea Bear in the episode "The Camping Episode."


It is light yellow, dark green, and red-orange.


Squidward was trying to scare SpongeBob and Patrick by doing the things to attract a sea bear, but it actually did make a sea bear appear. It also appears "Idiot Box," when he was looking for a box to sit in.


  • Idiot Box must take place before "The Camping Episode" as Squidward says after taking it out of its box "Why haven't I worn this yet?," unless he was referring to a different sombrero.
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