Squidward's self-portraits are artworks by Squidward that are seen in many episodes involving his house. One of Squidward's most famous paintings is a portrait of a clown. Squidward's self-portraits first appear in the episode "Opposite Day."


List of self-portraits

  1. A regular Squidward painting.
  2. A farmer Squidward with a pitchfork.
  3. A cyclops.
  4. A Picasso-like octopus.
  5. A tentacle.
  6. A waiter.
  7. A female Squidward.
  8. One with its tongue sticking out.
  9. One sitting at a table.
  10. A laughing Squidward.
  11. Legs.
  12. One old and tied up.
  13. Old bearded Squidward.
  14. One with a long nose.
  15. Standing.
  16. A pirate.
  17. One with two faces on each side of his head.
  18. Dancing Squidward.
  19. Posing statue with a fig leaf.
  20. One with a dent in its head.
  21. One with wrinkled lips.
  22. One with two heads.
  23. Upside down.
  24. One waving hello.
  25. One doing a toe touch.
  26. Mona Lisa.
  27. Napoleon Bonaparte.
  28. Screaming.
  29. Whistling.
  30. Naked Squidward.
  31. One with a chef's hat.
  32. One playing clarinet.
  33. Square-like Squidward.


  • Squidward's Self-Portraits seem to change locations in different episodes. In "Opposite Day" and "Squid's Visit," they are located upstairs. In "Not Normal," they are located downstairs in the living room.
  • In the episode "Squid's Visit," SpongeBob managed to copy Squidward's entire wall of self-portraits. Squidward admits that they were even better than his.
  • "Squid's Visit" is the only episode that has a screenshot of over one hundred paintings.
  • In "Not Normal" Squidward has 483 self-portraits, but in "Squid's Visit," he has 492. This possibly took place after "Not Normal," or he took 9 of them out in order to save room.
  • In "Squid's Visit," there is a self-portrait of a sad crying clown, but this painting frightened many younger viewers.[citation needed]
  • One of Squidward's paintings resembles one of Picasso's paintings.
  • The backgrounds of the portraits come in red, green, brown, magenta, pink, purple, lime, orange, scarlet, blue, indigo, turquoise, black, light blue, yellow, pale, and dark green.
  • There is a portrait of Squidward featured in the game SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis that resembles one of Van Gogh's self-portraits.