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Squidward's Request is a WH2O segment on The Best Day Ever album.


(bubble transition)

Female Chorus: "Al Bacore!"

Al Bacore: "The request lines are now open. Let's go to the phones."

(phone rings)

Al Bacore: "Hello! Which SpongeBob and the Hi-Seas' song would you like to hear?"

Squidward: "The best one. It's titled 'Superior.' It's the one with the vocal by Squidward Tentacles. He is a happening tween idol!"

Al Bacore: How would you know?


Squidward: "Um, I'm a twelve-year-old girl."

Al Bacore: "Really? Your voice sounds kinda deep for a twelve-year-old girl."

Squidward: "Uh, I'm almost twelve-and-a-half." (laughs nervously)

(call ends)

Al Bacore: "All right darling, here it is, 'Superior'..."

(track ends)

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