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Squidward's Eyelash Sweater

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Squidward's Eyelash Sweater
I heart u
Owner: Squidward Tentacles
Type: Article of clothing
Appearance: "Dying for Pie"
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Squidward's Eyelash Sweater is a sweater that is seen in the episode "Dying for Pie." It is owned by Squidward.


Squidward's Eyelash Sweater is a sweater made from SpongeBob's eyelashes. It is black in color with the letters "I ♥ U" printed all over it (with the "♥" being Squidward's face).


SpongeBob gives Squidward the eyelash sweater as part of Employee Brotherhood Day. Squidward tries on the sweater, but starts to itch, wondering what it is made out of. SpongeBob replies it is made from his own eyelashes, causing a disgusted Squidward to throw the eyelash sweater at SpongeBob, which causes SpongeBob to cry.

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