Squidward's bulldozer is a vehicle owned and operated by Squidward. It first appears in the episode "Opposite Day."

Role in series

"Opposite Day"

Squidward first uses it to fix SpongeBob's house so Patty Rechid would sell his house. He uses it again in the end of the episode to chase SpongeBob and Patrick for ruining his moving.

"New Fish in Town"

Squidward bulldozes SpongeBob and Patrick's houses down a trench, causing the two to go after them.

"Big Sister Sam"

Squidward uses it to bulldoze Sam and Patrick after Sam completely destroys his house. Despite SpongeBob's resolutive obstruction, Squidward disregards it and puts SpongeBob down. As Squidward is about to win, Sam's strong nature is able to smash the bulldozer and throw it over to SpongeBob's house, destroying both in the process. SpongeBob by this is angered and worried about Sam's strong emotions.


  • Squidward has a completely different bulldozer in season 7.