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Oh, blast this confounded instrument. If I never play with ease, may my own great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson be cursed tenfold.
— Squidly, Dunces and Dragons
Squidly Tentacles
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Squidly Tentacles is a character that only appeared in Dunces and Dragons, in which he met time travelers SpongeBob and Patrick who set out to rescue Princess Pearl. They succeeded, and at the end, Squidly accidentally went to the future, to SpongeBob and Patrick's time. He is a jester for the king.


  • "Does thou talketh to me?"
  • "Scoff not, young squire. Thou has mistaken me for another. I am Squidly, the king's royal fool. Or at least I was until I royally messed up."
  • "Oweth."
  • "Everyone be-ith a critic."


  • Squidly may be the reason Squidward is such a terrible clarinet player, since Squidly cursed his future descendant.
  • He is not as hostile towards SpongeBob and Patrick as his descendant is.
  • Squidly seems to sing better than his descendant. Squidward has a bad singing voice, as heard on Choir Boys. However, he plays his clarinet badly as does his descendant.

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