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General Information
Address: Tentacle Acres, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: playing croquet
Physical Appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Turquoise
Eye Color: Yellow with red irises/pupils
Enemies: Squidward
Series Information
First appearance: Squidville
Latest appearance: Squidville
Portrayer: Sirena Irwin
List of characters

Squidette is an octopus who makes an appearance in the episode Squidville from Season 2 and sometimes appears as a cameo character. She, like Squidward, also lives in an Easter Island Head, but only in Tentacle Acres. She likes to play croquet at the park located inside Tentacle Acres. Her name is revealed during the credits.


She has black hair and wears a pink sweater. Her head inflates when she laughs. She also wears trousers (unlike Squidward Tentacles). She is similar to Squilvia from Love That Squid.


  • "Could you keep it down there, Iron Lung? (laughs while her head inflates back and forth)
  • "Hey, that's not funny."
  • "It's that guy! He's playing with a reef blower!"
  • (SpongeBob asks her if she is Squidward) "No."
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