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Episode Information
Squid on Strike
Season №: 2
Episode №: 40a
Airdate: October 12, 2001
Sister episode(s): "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm"
Writer(s): Walt Dohrn
Paul Tibbitt
Mark O'Hare
Storyboard Artist(s): Carson Kugler
William Reiss
Erik Wiese
Storyboard: Walt Dohrn
Paul Tibbitt
Animation: Tom Yasumi
Creative: Derek Drymon
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"Squid on Strike" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season two. In this episode, Squidward and SpongeBob go on strike. Mr. Krabs Underwear


Mr. Krabs's underwear (cameo)


Squidward receives mr. Krabs underwear as a paycheck



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield, Paul Tibbitt [title card]
  The Girl I Left Behind Me - Brian Peters [Krabs counting money]
  Vibe Sting - Nicolas Carr ["Oh, that reminds me."]
  Tympup A - Sammy Burdson, John Charles Fiddy [underwear]
  Keel Row - Brian Peters ["Here's your check."]
  Up She Rises - Sam Spence [Squidward convinces SpongeBob to go on strike]
  O Makalapua B - Kapono Beamer [SpongeBob crying]
  The Irish Patriot - Sam Spence ["We are workers united!"]
  ? ["All right, SpongeBob, now listen up."]
  Crocodile Tears (a) - David Bell, Otto Sieben [Squidward teaching SpongeBob how to strike]
  Hawaiian Link (a) - Richard Myhill ["Hey, thanks, dude!"]
  Astronauts March - Sam Spence [Squidward's speech]
  The Tip Top Polka/The Cliff Polka - Chelmsford Folk Band ["But they didn't, did they, Mr. Squidward?"]
  Troop Movement - Sam Fonteyn ["You can pick on me, but Squidward is a great leader."]
  Anguish - Richard Hill ["FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER!..."]
  Hawaiian Breeze - Jon Jelmer [Squidward imagines being on strike with SpongeBob forever]
  Dramatic Impact 3 - Ivor Slaney [Squidward screams]
  The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (b) - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White [Krabs begs Squidward to come back]
  Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield, Paul Tibbitt [plays on record]
  Astronauts March - Sam Spence [SpongeBob dismantling the Krusty Krab]
  Dramatic Cue (e) - Ronald Hanmer ["SpongeBob... what have you done?!"]
  Steel Sting - Jeremy Wakefield [Krabs sits down]
  The Drunken Sailor (b) - Robin Jeffrey, Tim Laycock [one eternity later]


  • "Squid on Strike" was ranked #88 during the Best Day Ever event on November 9–10, 2006.



  • One Eternity Later
  • SpongeBob never got his bill, yet he pays Mr. Krabs for his doings.
  • Mr. Krabs suddenly appears sweeping the floor after Squidward stops SpongeBob from paying him.
  • Squidward has also quit his job (or at least attempted to quit) in "Can You Spare a Dime?," "Krusty Towers," "Fools in April," "Big Pink Loser," and "Bossy Boots."
  • Squidward's bill from Mr. Krabs reads this:
    • Breathing: $1.00
    • Talking: $5.00
    • Standing: $10.00
    • Existing: $2.00
    • Lollygagging: $2.00
    • Chewing: $1.00
  • The bill that Squidward gets means he has to pay twenty-one dollars.
  • It is revealed that Mr. Krabs keeps his dry cleaning in envelopes.
  • In other countries, the "Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman" song is changed to an instrumental.
  • In real life, you would not get fired if you went on strike because it's illegal to hire new workers if your other employees are on strike.
  • Mr. Krabs is making his employees pay for breathing, yet in the episode "Pressure," when Sandy thinks land creatures are better than sea creatures, he says it's free. However, he may have started charging his customers and employees for that at some point between "Pressure" and this episode.
  • SpongeBob has said he loved the Krusty Krab many times so it is unknown how he destroyed it without showing regret.
  • Running Gags:
  1. Whenever there is a crowd going to the Krusty Krab, they run over Squidward.
  2. Every time Squidward hears the word 'Forever' from SpongeBob, he is in shock, and the word echoes in his head.
  • The running gag, when the term "forever", was in Squidward's mind was a youtube meme.


  • Squidward and Mr. Krabs are in their day clothes when they enter the destroyed Krusty Krab, but when they left Squidward's house, they were wearing their pajamas.
  • During the part where Squidward imagines himself as an old man, when it begins his sign reads "Krusty Still Unfair", but when Spongebob starts orbiting around Squidward, it reads "Krabs Still Unfair".
  • In part of the episode it shows Squidward and SpongeBob really old on strike. Yet at that age, Mr. Krabs would most likely be dead.
  • SpongeBob and Squidward are invertebrates, and therefore would have no skeletons to rot away to.
  • In the episode "Nature Pants," "Patty Hype," and "As Seen on TV," SpongeBob willingly quits his job and throws his hat down. However, in this episode, he says that the hat is his "friend" and cannot bear to discard it.
  • When Squidward said "and more", SpongeBob only had one tooth for that scene.
  • In the scene where SpongeBob and Squidward were outside the Krusty Krab after getting fired, they were still wearing their work hats.
  • When SpongeBob runs to the Krusty Krab to "dismantle the establishment", the sky looks like dawn is breaking. When he goes inside, it looks like nighttime again.

When Squidward receives the underwhere the noise with the flies is heard however mr. Krabs stated that that's his dry cleaning so they have been washed

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