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Squeaky Boot Blurbs is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Squeaky Boots."


SpongeBob has his squeaky boots on. The player is given a selection of words on the sides gameplay screen while SpongeBob stands in the middle of the screen with his squeaky boots on. The player click on a word to hear the squeaky boots pronounce it. At the bottom of the screen are the options. The player can use the record button to record some squeaky boots words until the player stops the recording or runs out of squeakin' room. Once the player has recorded their squeaky boots words, they can choose to erase the recording or send it to a friend using email. The game ends when player presses the quit button.


SpongeBob - Squeaky Boot Blurbs04:51

SpongeBob - Squeaky Boot Blurbs


  • Some people have mistaken the title for this game as "Squeaky Boots Blurbs."
  • There are 38 words the player can select in total.


  • When the player has used up all their squeaky boots recording room, SpongeBob holds up a sign saying "Barnicles! You're all out of squeakin' room." The sign SpongeBob holds up misspells the word "Barnacles" as "Barnicles."

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