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Spurskate (sport)

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Spurskate was a very popular sport and hobby in Dead Eye Gulch. It became a huge craze and SpongeBuck SquarePants, Pecos Patrick, and Hopalong Tentacles among others loved it. This craze appeared in the episode Pest of the West.

Types and Equipment

There were many types of Spurskate such as Freestyle Spurskate, This is where it is basically normal Spurskate, and you are able to travel around normally. There is also Extreme Spurskate, a much more dangerous version of Spurskate where traveling down ramps and hills can be necessary. There is also the possibility that you can jump over fire and other obstacles while "Extreme Spurkating". There has been no allocated equipment needed to Spurskate, but special shoes are needed for maximum fun.

Areas for Usage

Some area's that have been seen to Spurskate is in a huge circle, where many gather around to Spurskate.

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