Spot's children are a group of amoebas who only appear in the episode "Spot Returns." As the name of their group implies, they are multiple amoebas who are the children of Spot.


They are green-colored amoebas with darker green spots on their bodies. They have a mouth, tongue, and one eye each. They all appear to be the same size.


When SpongeBob sees a sign near the Chum Bucket that reads "Free amoeba puppy with order of chum," he says "hello" to Plankton so he can see what's going on. Plankton tells him that he wants to sell Spot's puppies. SpongeBob offers Plankton to let him help have the puppies adopted.

At Barg'N-Mart, Plankton drives off two scouts and their bench with their biscuits so he and SpongeBob can make room for their business. SpongeBob suggests that Plankton should start acting more politely, but the latter doesn't seem to want to do so, evidenced by him making two of the Barg'N-Mart customers run away as fast as they can. Then, SpongeBob takes some of the amoebas, only to make a larger puppy. Dave notices it and wants the puppy, so SpongeBob gives him one. A crowd of people are waiting to buy one, including Mrs. Puff, who remarks with how cute those amoebas are. SpongeBob makes, with the help of his body, more of them. However, things don't go quite positive, as an amoeba who is alone at Mrs. Puff's house starts destroying everything in their way, showing the consequences of leaving one alone.