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Type: Gloss
First appearance: "Picture Day"
Latest appearance: Picture Day Disaster
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Spongegloss is a gloss seen in "Picture Day." It is stored in a small container with a brush attached to the lid. SpongeBob applied it to himself to keep himself shiny and clean for school picture day, but it was washed off with water. As the name suggests, it is made specifically for sponges.


Spongegloss is a sparkly small pink bottle. It has a small non-shiny lid and the bottle is filled with Spongegloss which is also pink, yet translucent.


  • The brush is much larger than the container but is able to fit inside.
  • In the online game "Picture Day Disaster," Spongegloss can be used to prevent SpongeBob from getting dirty for a short time.

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