This is the page about Sponge Patty. If you were looking for the article about the actual food item, then see Spongy Patties.
Sponge Patty
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Type: Food
Appearance: "The Inside Job"
List of objects

The Sponge Patty is a Krabby Patty variation that appears in the episode "The Inside Job."


The Sponge Patty resembles a Krabby Patty except that it has two light pink sponges used for the bread buns. Other ingredients for this inedible food include an aluminium brush for the patty, lime green soap as the special sauce, and mop strings as the lettuce.

Role in the episode

SpongeBob accidentally creates the Sponge Patty after Plankton, who was inside of him at the time, unplugs his eyes. Plankton's plan is to see how SpongeBob makes a Krabby Patty right before his eyes, but doesn't count on the latter being completely blind and unable to make one properly. After SpongeBob constructs the Sponge Patty and hands it to a customer, Plankton replugs his eyes and SpongeBob is horrified to see the Sponge Patty he made.

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