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Sponge Cake

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Sponge Cake

To Save a Squirrel 50

Spongecake, Yummy

Flavor Creamy and Butterscotch
Color Yellow
Ingredients Fried Butterscotch, creamy center, and other unknown ingredients.
Type: Food
First appearance: "To Save a Squirrel"
Latest appearance: "InSPONGEiac"
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Sponge Cake is a product that only appears in the episode "To Save a Squirrel." It is also mentioned in "InSPONGEiac," when Patrick thinks SpongeBob is one and bites his hand. In "To Save a Squirrel," Patrick had this product and was going to offer to share some with SpongeBob, but SpongeBob thought Patrick was going to eat him.


It had bright yellow outside, and, according to Patrick, had a delicious creamy filling inside which was seen in InSPONGEiac.


  1. "Blackened Sponge" (mentioned)
  2. "To Save a Squirrel"
  3. SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off
  4. "InSPONGEiac"


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