SpongeFunnies are a group of three comics and is the fourth comic strip in SpongeBob Comics #4.



SpongeBob and Patrick Write a Letter

SpongeBob is seen looking at some paper with a pencil in his hand. Patrick appears and asks what he is doing. SpongeBob replies, saying he is writing a letter to Squidward, but doesn't know what to write. Patrick thinks, and tells him to write a "Q." SpongeBob thinks it's a great idea, and asks Patrick how to spell it. He replies, saying "X."

Squidward's Toilet

A toilet is seen, along with splashing water coming out of it. SpongeBob and Patrick then come out of it. SpongeBob complains that Squidward's toilet "isn't as fun" as he thought it would be, while Patrick disagrees, saying "it's great!"

The Best Comic in the World

SpongeBob asks the reader if they want to read "the best comic in the whole world." SpongeBob then does nothing, before asking the reader if they want to "read it again."


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