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SpongeBot SteelPants

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SpongeBot SteelPants
Residence: Pacific Ocean
Aliases: Robot SpongeBob
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow with Green lightbulb-holes
Eye color: Translucent
Spouse: Robo-Plankton
Friends: Robo-Plankton
Other robots
Enemies: SpongeBob
Series information
Appearance: Battle for Bikini Bottom
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SpongeBot SteelPants is the final boss from the Console and GameBoy Advance versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom.


On the console version, he looks like a bigger, metal version of Spongebob in Karate gear, with jets flames coming out of his pants, allowing him to fly and transparent eyes that shows the insides of the robot. 

Before the first phase of the boss battle, the robot possesses nine, green-colored energy generators in the form of lights, on points of its body (one on each palm, one on each corner of his face, one on each side of its head, and one on the tip of its nose). These generators are its weakpoints which SpongeBob must target with his abilities, and once one is shattered, it cannot be damaged again.

BfBB GBA Screenshot

On the GBA version, it looks the same except he has a Krusty Krab uniform hat, glowing red eyes, and Spat replacing its right hand (much like the Hash Slinging Slasher), and has purely metalic arms in a dark coal shade (the other hand is a clamp). He also has a notable red light as a signal receptor/antenna on the back of its head.



  • Karate Spin: It can swing one of its arms over several platforms and freeze in place for a while, leaving a weakpoint on its palm vulernable.
  • Karate Chop: The robot can karate chop Spongebob, causing him to fall, and take damage while the platform flips. 
  • Karate Yell: The robot can scream "KAH-RAH-TAE!" and shoot these words towards the platform Spongebob is standing on, and then shoot towards the two other platforms beside him. 


  • Krabby Patty Bomb: Makes Krabby Patty Bomb and throws it at the ground.

Inside the Robot

Once all the weak points on the robot are destroyed, SpongeBob must go inside and shut down the robot by neutralizing its brain. Inside of SpongeBot's head, there are many platforms and Duplicatron 2000s which will produce various enemies to stop SpongeBob. Along with this, Robo-Plankton will occasionally pop up and try to attack SpongeBob as well. To shut down the metallic monstrosity for good, SpongeBob will need to break all 6 of SteelPants's fuses (which are thin glass tubes circulating electricity) using his bubble weapons.

Brain Cell Fuses

  1. First Cell: Guarded by Tar-Tars and Ham-mers. Once the fuse is unlocked, you can simply destroy it with a Bubble Spin (melee attack).
  2. Second Cell: Protected by Chucks and G-Loves (produced by a Duplicatron from a far away platform which must be destroyed by the Cruise Bubble). This cell is hovering above the ground, so use a Bubble Bash (upward headbutt) to smash it.
  3. Third Cell: Patroled by Fodders and Monsoons, produced by a Duplicatron on a floating platform. This one is lodged into a grate and can only be destroyed with a Bubble Bounce (ground-pound), though it is possible to walk into the grate and hit it with a normal attack.
  4. Fourth Cell: Protected by Monsoons, with a Duplicatron that produces Ham-mers and Chuck. The fourth cell is enclosed in electric fencing, and SpongeBob must use Bubble Bowl (bowling ball) or the Cruise Bubble to break it. 
  5. Three remaining Cells: The last three cells are held in the core of the robot's brain and are guarded by Robo-Plankton. Use the Cruise Bubble to take Robo-Plankton down after he shoots his lasers, and to steer it down all three tubes, to destroy the cell at the end. There are a total of three bouncing platforms that Spongebob can use to relocate around the brain, while Robo-Plankton appears everytime the player lands on a new platform.


When it was destroyed the first time, Robo-Plankton made it bigger and gave it Anchor Arms (seen in MuscleBob BuffPants), thus forcing SpongeBob to destroy the metal monster from the inside and starting the second phase of the battle.


SpongeBob used his bubble soap to create weapons that temporarily destroyed SteelPants. However, Robo-Plankton remodeled it and made it impossible to destroy the robot from the outside. SpongeBob went inside and destroyed the glowing bars, causing the robot to fall to the ground.


  • This is also the only major boss in the game (console versions) where only one character is playable.
  • There is an odd glitch where the player can beat SpongeBot in at least two hits. If the player gets SpongeBot to chop at the platform (attack begins after second hit) and avoids the attack while staying on the platform, SpongeBob will be flung into the air and the scene that plays when the SpongeBot is defeated is triggered, thus ending the fight.
  • If not carefully positioned, it is possible to have Spongebob return to the starting platform of the level oncw inside the robot's brain, as it is below one of the other bouncing platforms that relocate Spongebob to different parts of the robot's brain. 
  • If SpongeBob is hit by the robot's Karate Chop, Karate Yell, or Robot Plankton's energy cannon during the first part of the fight, SpongeBot will mimic SpongeBob's signature laugh in its robotic voice, complete with placing its hands on its front.
  • Even though Robo-Plankton is seemingly the main antagonist of the game, SpongeBot is the one who is considered the final boss.
    Battle for Bikini Bottom music - Final Boss Extended18:01

    Battle for Bikini Bottom music - Final Boss Extended

    Final Boss Theme

    Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom - Final Boss Ending - Spongebob Steelpants21:27

    Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom - Final Boss Ending - Spongebob Steelpants

    The Father of All Metal Monstrosities!

  • In some versions of the console versions, the energy lights on one of the sides of the robot's head will be misplaced, almost looking like they are been messed up (the light is jammed in from the side).
  • The cutscene that occurs when the robot is first encountered only plays once per playthrough per file on some versions of the console version.
  • In the cutscene after defeating the boss, Robot Plankton will state that he and SpongeBot where to get married the week after the events of the battle.
  • The second form of the robot with the Anchor Arms was originally to be fought in previous builds of the console versions, along with previous trailers showing brief moments of the battle, but it was eventually scrapped from the final build of the game, for unknown reasons. 

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