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SpongeBob StorePants is a gift shop at Universal Studios Florida. It opened on May 28, 2012, replacing Universal Studios Cartoon Store. The store sells the SpongeBob SquarePants merchandise and also features interactive posters, as well as a meet and greet featuring SpongeBob (or occasionally Patrick and Squidward). The stuff at the park was originally at Nickstuff, until it was closed with Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast on August 18, 2011. The store is run by Mr. Krabs Enterprises. The store music also features songs from the show.



The inside of the store is also completely decorated like SpongeBob's world. Near the entrance to the store, there is an area where customers can meet SpongeBob and/or Patrick Star, who make regular appearances at the store. This area can only be accessed through the side entrance and is blocked off by huge posters of SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton. Customers in the main store can still take peeks into the area, though. Also near the main entrance is a box that reads "Nifty Nets." This box cannot be opened and is only for display, as the store does not actually sell jellyfish nets. The box is in front of a huge mural painted to look like Bikini Bottom. Near the side entrance of the store, there is a mural of Goo Lagoon, in front of which stand two huge surfboards. These surfboards are just for display and cannot be moved. The ceiling of the store is made to look just like the ceiling of the living room in SpongeBob's house. There are many light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, and each light fixture is made to look like a giant jellyfish.

Near the Goo Lagoon mural, there is a giant wooden sign that reads, "SpongeBob StorePants: A Subsidiary Of Eugene Krabs Commercial Business Schemes, Inc. Duplication Of This Store Is Punishable By Law. Restrictions Apply. Results May Vary.". On this sign, there is also a smaller sign made to look like a piece of paper, that reads, "Have You Seen This Snail??", with a picture of Gary. Past that sign is the main area of the store, which features many racks and shelves of merchandise, each one made to look like it is straight out of Bikini Bottom. For example, there is the Rock Bottom sign on top of one rack, the Bubblestand sign on another, a street sign that points to Conch St. And Coral Rd. on another, and the Krusty Krab shell sign on another. The wallpaper on the store features a pattern that is commonly used as a background for time cards and title cards on the show. In one corner of the store, on the other side of the Bikini Bottom mural, there is a wooden model of the red and white chair in SpongeBob's living room, that customers can sit in. On the wall above this chair, there is a small model of the blue and green fish sculpture that SpongeBob has in his living room. Beside the chair, there is also a small wooden model of SpongeBob's foghorn alarm clock, which makes foghorn sounds when it detects motion. The clock also makes other SpongeBob-themed sounds such as dolphin noises.

Near the area with the chair, there is a gigantic model of Squidward's tiki house. However, the doors on it are locked and will not open. A little ways off from Squidward's house, there is an even bigger model of SpongeBob's pineapple house. Customers can actually go inside this house, there is a small area inside. The walls of this are have the wallpaper that is used in SpongeBob's living room, and the ceiling also looks like the one in SpongeBob's living room. Also, there is a giant statue of Gary The Snail inside the house. The floor around the house is painted to look like sand, and there are green stepping stones painted on it leading up to the house to resemble SpongeBob's walkway leading up to his house. The walls of the store feature large animated posters that are actually screens that cycle through various animations and make sounds. The first of these posters, located near the area with SpongeBob's chair, reads, "Frolic Through Jellyfish Fields!", and shows an animation of Patrick being stung by a jellyfish. The second poster, located a little ways off from the first, reads, "Mrs. Puff's Boating School: Learn To Drive Safely!", and shows an animation of SpongeBob crashing various boats around Mrs. Puff's Boating School. The third poster, located near the back of the store, reads, "Glove World", and shows a scene from Glove World, with SpongeBob and Patrick riding the Fiery Fist 'O Pain and various other fish riding the Ferris Wheel. The fourth poster, located a little ways off from the third, reads, "Rock Bottom: Drop In Sometime!", and shows a terrified SpongeBob with his Glove Light, missing buses in Rock Bottom. The fifth poster, located in the very back of the store near the storage room, reads, "Support The Bikini Bottom Arts", and shows Squidward playing various musical instruments. The sixth poster, located on the wall opposite the first two posters, reads, "Goo Lagoon Gear Official Outfitter", and shows SpongeBob and Patrick relaxing at Goo Lagoon, with a wave occasionally washing over them.

SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star make regular appearances at the store. Occasionally, Squidward Tentacles appears at well. On rare occasions, some fish folk of Bikini Bottom have made appearances at the store. The characters usually take turns meeting the customers, they work in shifts that usually last about 20 minutes each. Occasionally, SpongeBob and Patrick or SpongeBob and Squidward will be together so that customers can meet them both at the same time. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward meet customers in a special character meeting area that is blocked off to the rest of the store. Customers line up to meet SpongeBob and Patrick in the waiting queue around the side of the store. The queue leads to the store's side entrance, which leads to the character meeting area. Customers get to spend about 2 minutes with the character(s) when they meet them. During this time, the customer can talk to them, hug them, and take pictures with them. An employee of the store will also take a picture of the customer with the character. The customer can then purchase their photo at the "Bikini Bottom Photos" desk, located in the main of the store. The customer can also purchase a frame for their photo. There are different frames to choose from, and each frame is designed to enhance the photo by featuring other main characters from the show.

The check-out area is located near the front of the main area of the store, on the other side of the Goo Lagoon mural. The area features a plastic potted sea anemone flower on top of a plastic barrel, as is commonly seen on the show. The wall above the barrel features a portrait of SpongeBob in a wooden frame that has the words "Employee Of The Month". Inside the desk that the cash register sits on, there are SpongeBob-themed candies such as Gummy Krabby Patties. Behind the desk, there are doors that lead into various offices. These doors also look just like the ones inside SpongeBob's house. On the wall behind the desk, there is a big wooden sign that says, "The Krabs Policy: All Sales Final! We Accept All Legal Tender. Absolutely No Bartering. 300% Restocking Fee. You Break It, You Bought It! We Reserve The Right To Reserve The Right To Serve Anyone. Health Department Not Allowed. Shoplifters And Thieves Will Walk The Plank! Complaint Dept. Hours: Tuesdays, 3:00-3:01 AM.". Next to this sign, there is a picture of Mr. Krabs and The Krusty Krab with the words, "The Krusty Krab, Home Of The Krabby Patty". The floorboards around the check-out area are green, like the ones in the dining area of The Krusty Krab. The floor of the central area of the store near the models of SpongeBob's and Squidward's house is painted to look like sand. The floorboards throughout the rest of the store are brown, like the ones in the kitchen of The Krusty Krab. The employees in the store wear uniforms that look like sailor outfits, to fit with the store's nautical theme.

The store sells lots of SpongeBob merchandise, from clothes to stuffed animals to toys to drinking glasses, and lots more. Much of the merchandise in the store cannot be bought at any other store. This includes personalized SpongeBob keychains, large plush toys of the characters, large plush Krabby Patties, a jellyfish catching game, a squishy jellyfish ball, various drinking mugs, various articles of clothing, and more. The store has CDs of SpongeBob music playing throughout. There are actually four CDs playing in the store. The first CD is "The Best Day Ever". This CD plays outside the waiting area for meeting SpongeBob and/or Patrick, and can also be heard while standing in the doorway of the store. The second CD plays near the front of the store and the character meeting area. This CD consists of various instrumental music from the show, such as "You're Nice" and the first song in "Reef Blower". The third CD plays inside the model of SpongeBob's pineapple house. This CD consists of the song "Stadium Rave" playing continuously on loop. The fourth CD can be heard throughout most of the store, and it was specially made for the store. This CD includes songs such as a jazzy version of "The SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song", "Underwater Sun", "Friendship Is All You Need To Fly", "The Campfire Song Song", "The F.U.N. Song", "Idiot Friends", "The Ballot Of Bikini Bottom", the second song heard in "Reef Blower", "Bikini Bottom, Rock Bottom", and "Goofy Goober Rock."


SpongeBob StorePants is an entirely SpongeBob-themed store. It first opened on May 28, 2012, in the KidZone section of Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. The store is entirely decorated to look like SpongeBob's world. The outside of the store looks like it is made from sheets of blue metal riveted together, much like how many of the buildings look in the show. On the front of the store there is a giant statue of SpongeBob popping out of a life preserver that has the word "SpongeBob" on it, and under this is a piece of wood that has the word "StorePants" on it. There are also portholes on the outside of the building, and each one features a picture of a different main character from the show (Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Gary, and Mr. Krabs & Plankton). The support beams on the outside of the building are made to look like tropical bamboo stalks, and the base of each one is either a plastic barrel or a plastic crate, like the ones that would be found in The Krusty Krab. There are large windows around the outside, but the inside of the store can't be seen from them.

Instead, a large SpongeBob-themed poster hangs in each window. The first poster has a picture of SpongeBob making Krabby Patties at The Krusty Krab and says, "The Krusty Krab! Home Of The World Famous Krabby Patty!" The second poster has a picture of Patrick being stung by a jellyfish and says, "Shocking! Float On In For Electrifying Good Deals!" The third poster has a picture of Sandy doing karate and says, "Hi-Ya! Karate Kickin' Prices For All Critters, Wet And Dry!" The fourth poster has a picture of Mr. Krabs and says, "Deep Fried Prices! For Folks That Like To Pay Extra". The fifth poster has a picture of Pearl doing a cheerleading routine and says, "3 Cheers For Gear That Really Whales!" There is also a giant anchor near the front of the store, which is roped off and behind a small sign that reads, "No Climbing! Don't Even Think About It, Ya Scallywag!"

Around the side of the store, past the anchor, there is a waiting queue set up for a line to meet SpongeBob and/or Patrick inside the store. The queue is set up to look like it is made of tropical bamboo. In the front of the store, directly in under the SpongeBob statue, the primary entrance to the store is located. (There is a secondary entrance around the side of the store at the end of the queue,but this is only for people going to meet SpongeBob and/or Patrick in the store.) The door looks exactly like a door in SpongeBob's house, complete with porthole window. The door is always left open while the store is open so people passing by can see inside the store. Right next to the store is a small outdoor restaurant that is not SpongeBob themed, but around the side of it is a painting of SpongeBob's, Squidward's, and Patrick's houses on Conch Street, which people can pose in front of for pictures.


Inside Spongebob Storepants at Universal Studios - Meet Spongebob Squarepants

Inside Spongebob Storepants at Universal Studios - Meet Spongebob Squarepants

An exclusive look inside the SpongeBob Store