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Video game

SpongeBob SquigglePants, (known as SpongeBob SquigglePants 3D on the Nintendo 3DS port,) is an action video game based on the SpongeBob SquarePants series. It is the fourth game to be in the uDraw Series and borrows its elements from WarioWare games.

The game was published by THQ and developed by WayForward Technologies. It contains mini-games which require using the uDraw GameTablet. A version for the 3DS was made later, which added a brand new level, IconBob, which required the circle pad.


Wii versionEdit

Similar to WarioWare games, players get to play mini-games, dubbed Nanogames, in quick succession in order to proceed. Each nanogame has a short time limit of less than 10 or 5 seconds, depending on the nanogame, and players would have to rely on quick tinking and reflexes to finish each nanogame. The game requires the use of the now-discontinued uDraw GameTablet by THQ.

3DS versionEdit

The gameplay on the 3DS version is completely identical to the Wii version, but instead of the uDraw Tablet (since the 3DS isn't compatible with it), the touch screen is used. The IconBob levels (which are exclusive to this version) are done using the 3DS Circle Pad in addition to this, certain minigames may be non-existent or added in the 3DS version, such as the three remix exclusive games, one of which is named "AWESOME" (or something similar) and features a simple flick to get a photoshop picture of a kitchen sponge and a sea-star to "high five."

How to play the NanogamesEdit

  • Tap
  • Draw
  • Drag 1 (Circle way)
  • Drag 2 (Slide way)
  • Flick
  • Tilt
  • Shake
  • Tilt
  • Hold


Sketchbob (Mr. Krabs)Edit

The art style resembles sketches, like the name suggests.

  • A Poorly Drawn Pineapple
  • Snail of a Trail
  • Muster Up Ketchup
  • Three Cheers for Krabs
  • Patrick-or-Treat
  • Window of Opportunity
  • Match Me If You Can
  • Krabby Patty in Paradise
  • Make Like a Sponge
  • A Priceless Piece
  • Flying Disc of the Deep
  • Say Snail!
  • Catcher in the BrineCatch of the Day
  • Feast with Jelly
  • Body of Water
  • Seaworthy Slalom
  • That Takes The Spongecake

B-Movie (Squidward)Edit

The art style resembles an old horror movie.

  • Booty Burial Ground
  • Signature Sponge
  • Spatula Splat
  • Boulder Me Over
  • Plankton's Dreamy Revenge
  • The Pizza For You and Me
  • Pursuit of Planktoness
  • Seas the Day
  • Against the Lawn
  • Fill 'Er Up Krabby
  • Patties Up!
  • Alaskan Bull Worm!
  • Walking the Planks
  • SpongeCastle SandyPants
  • Rock On, Patrick
  • Hooky
  • Keep Boativated

SimplyBob (Gary)Edit

The art style is made up of sillouhettes.

  • Sub Sponge
  • Spin for the Win
  • Gone Jellyfishing
  • Match Mixer
  • Water You Waving For
  • Dance Your Pants Off
  • A Line Aligned
  • Sponge: Bound of Bravery
  • The X-Ray Factor
  • Counting Sponge
  • Balancing Bob
  • I Herd Patrick
  • Patty Catch
  • Squidward's Fancypants Pencil
  • Pineapple Pogo
  • Sea Sorting
  • Fit for a Krabs
  • This is Patrick!

Comic Book (Sandy)Edit

Like the name suggests, the art style resembles comic books.

  • Sea is for Coloring
  • No. 2 Panic
  • Patrick's Party Trick
  • Flying Squirrel
  • Nautical Narcissist Neighbor
  • Pop Star
  • Trash It
  • A Maze-in' Atlantis
  • Blow, Baby, Blow!
  • Capers of Cardboard
  • A Bridge Abridged
  • Launch Time
  • SpongeBall Slingshot
  • Fighting Dirty
  • Bikini Bottom's Bravest
  • Did You Say CHOCOLATE?
  • To the Boatmobile!

Punk (Patrick)Edit

The art style resembles rock album drawings.

  • Blackout Bob
  • Selfish Shellfish
  • Puffy Patrick
  • Squidward Bound
  • Whoop-a-Worm
  • The Show Off Show
  • Kah-Rah-Tay Sandy
  • Brake it Down
  • Coral Chorus
  • Sing a Song of SpongeBob
  • Barnacle Bowling
  • Undersea B-Ball
  • Paper Plane Pitch
  • Treedome Training
  • Stage Diver
  • Deep-sea Rock Star
  • Yes We Karen

PixelBob (SpongeBob)Edit

The art style resembles an 8-bit game, like those seen on the NES.

  • Sting or Swim
  • Getting the Drift
  • Sponge Xing
  • Three To Go
  • Mr. Krabs Cash Grab
  • Plankton's Epic Escape
  • Krushty Krab
  • Ping Pong Pals
  • Pulley Dinner
  • Sergeant Sponge
  • Made to Order
  • SpongeBooster 3000
  • Jelly Alley
  • Ready, Set, Sponge!
  • Seavaders
  • Super Krabby Quest
  • The Legend of SquarePants

Remix and Hyper Remix (SpongeBob)Edit

One of the nanogames listed above from different art styles randomly selected here. There's also Hyper Remix, which is basically the same as standard Remix, but goes at twice the speed than normal.

IconBob (Plankton, Nintendo 3DS version only)Edit

The designs in this are stylized.

  • Gary is Going Places
  • SpongeBob Says
  • Chum is Fum
  • Jellyfish Joy Ride
  • Candid Krabs
  • To Dive For
  • Bikini Bottom on Ice Remix


Seasons of SandyEdit

The Kah-Rah-Tay Sandy minigame, except the art style resembles a western. You have to karate chop as many logs as possible and avoid bombs.


SubSponge is the minigame, but the art style resembles an animation from the 1950s. You have to pop balloons while avoiding jellyfish.

Rattle and RollEdit

The art style resembles various baby products, and you have to tilt the ball down and you have to make the baby versions of the characters happy.

Showboating ShowerEdit

Make Like a Sponge is used, but the art style resembles beach items, and you wash boats.


Metacritic gave this game a 64%, meaning "mixed or average reviews." Fan reception however varies as some minorities praised the game as being a compensation for the strange lack of WarioWare games on the 3DS while others disliked the game for "ripping-off" the WarioWare franchise, as well as the Wii version's required use of the uDraw GameTablet, which has a high price especially since the discontinuation of the peripheral's production.


  • All versions of this game have backwards compatibility.
    • The Wii version can be played on all Wii U units.
    • The 3DS version can be played on the 2DS units.
  • This is the first SpongeBob game for the 3DS.
  • This is the first SpongeBob game to use the new THQ logo.
  • The Wii version is the only SpongeBob game that required a third-party peripheral in order to be played.
    • The Wii version is also one of the few games made exclusively for the usage of the uDraw GameTablet.
  • The 3DS version was released on Craig Ferguson's 49th birthday and nine years after "Party Pooper Pants" premiered.
  • For some reason, the IconBob level on the 3DS uses the same music as the SimplyBob level.
  • The Nintendo 3DS version is the only version of this game to not be released in Australasia.

Cultural referencesEdit

  • The game is similar to the WarioWare games. Both contain mini-games that are split into sections, each of the sections on both games contain themes and a main character associated them, and both games contain lives.
    • Also, both WarioWare games and SpongeBob SquigglePants were released exclusively for Nintendo systems.
  • The game Patrick-or-Treat gets its name from the popular Halloween phrase "Trick or Treat!"


SpongeBob SquigglePants 3D Trailer

SpongeBob SquigglePants 3D Trailer

3DS trailer

UDraw Spongebob für Wii THQ Filmproduktion Frankfurt muthme

UDraw Spongebob für Wii THQ Filmproduktion Frankfurt muthme

German trailer, made by Muthmedia GmbH.

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