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SpongeBob SquareShort Film Competition
General Information
Date(s): May 6 - June 28, 2013
List of events

SpongeBob SquareShort Film Competition was a short film competition launched by Nickelodeon on May 6, 2013. All films had to be submitted by June 28, 2013. The winners for "Under 18" and "Over 18" were revealed on August 9, 2013.


The short video must be under 10 minutes and there are two groups to win in, 18 and under and 18 and over. It must have something to do with SpongeBob or one of his friends. Video allowed are live-action, animation, stop-motion, etc. The winning entry will be chosen based 40% on the creativity and originality, 30% best incorporation of SpongeBob’s attributes, and 30% overall appeal by a panel of judges. The winner for each category will receive $2,500 cash plus a trip for 4 (including airfare) and a special screening of your short in Hollywood, CA.


  • In the promo, SpongeBob's socks have 3 stripes instead of two.


  1. David (United States)
  2. Nicole (South Africa)



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