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In the video game Undertale in Waterfall the player can go to Napstablook's snail farm where they can play thundersnail. If they encourage their snail enough, it will explode and catch fire similar to Gary in The Great Snail Race.

Tornado Outbreak

In Roadside Destruction! The Worlds largest rubber band ball could've been inspired by the Worlds largest Ball But the Worlds largest ball is different since its on a pole and made out of rubber band


In the game Splatoon, there was a Splatfest that is themed around SpongeBob vs. Patrick. The winner of the Splatfest was Team Patrick, having the most wins over Team SpongeBob, which SpongeBob won in popularity.

High School Story

In the app game, High School Story, there is a mentioned burger place called, "Admiral Burger," which seems to be similar to The Krusty Krab because both have a pirate theme to them, a secret recipe, and a competitor that is across the street.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Every store says "Porous Bob" with a sponge logo design.

Kingdom of Loathing

In the online video game Kingdom of Loathing, you can fight a sponge. One of the messages that displays when it attacks you is "It smacks you with a piece of its pineapple house. Gah. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, anyway?", a reference to the theme song. Another reference to the theme song is in one of the messages that displays when it misses, being "It sings its incredibly annoying theme song. You tune it out.".


On the online Gaming Website Roblox, the official Roblox made a mini Invincibubble that you can put on your character's shoulder. It is no longer available since it was specially released for Sponge Out of Water.


One of the splash texts that comes up on the home page says "Lives in a Pineapple Under The Sea!", a reference to the SpongeBob theme song.

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