SpongeBob SquarePants is a popular cartoon, and has been referenced in popular culture numerous times. Several of these references are from other Nickelodeon shows.

  • The show is mentioned in the Gone series' book, Fear, when some kids are acting out the episode "Texas."
  • SpongeBob is mentioned at the end of a Jimmy Neutron comic. Other Nicktoons appear as well.
  • SpongeBob has a cameo at the end of an All Grown Up comic. He can be seen on the TV show that the Cooper twins were watching.
  • SpongeBob is referenced several times throughout the Dork Diaries book series.
    • In Dork Diaries: Tales From a NOT-SO Fabulous Life, Nikki says that MacKenzie, who had been kicked in the shin by Nikki's younger sister Brianna the previous day, showed up to school the next morning with crutches with heart stickers on them to match her new Gucci handbag, along with a SpongeBob Band-Aid below her left knee.
    • In Dork Diaries 2: Tales From a NOT-SO Popular Party Girl, Nikki says that her little sister Brianna's plastic toy spider is "a spider you'd find in a Barbie Dream House or hanging out with SpongeBob SquarePants."
    • In Dork Diaries 3: Tales From a NOT-SO Talented Pop Star, Nikki mentions that Theo, a student at her school, could be "SpongeBob's twin brother."
    • In Dork Diaries 4: Tales From a NOT-SO Graceful Ice Princess, Nikki says that her little sister Brianna changed into her SpongeBob pajamas after they returned home from the Nutcracker ballet.
    • In Dork Diaries 5: Tales From a NOT-SO Smart Miss Know-it-All, at one point when Nikki and Mr. Zimmerman were having a conversation, he tells Nikki to hurry up and get out because SpongeBob was coming on in 2 minutes, and that he is "the last Great American hero".
  • SpongeBob has appeared many times in the comic strip, Off the Mark.
  • A 2003 Sunday comic strip of Garfield showed the logo having Garfield looking like SpongeBob with bubbles floating over him and the Garfield logo is in a parody of the SpongeBob logo.
    655px-Coach Me If You Can - SpongeBob Costume

    Homer Simpson as Patrick Star from Simpsons Comics.

  • In a Simpsons Comics issue Homers friends were shown dressed as SpongeBob and Patrick at one point.
  • In the crime series of books monk monk is known to been watching a SpongeBob marathon on Nickelodeon and Monk loved it this is in the book Mr. Monk on the road.
  • In a Simpsons Comic, Bart is in the androids dungeon where lots of comics are in the back ground and on the counter is a book called SpongeSteve and SpongeBob can be seen on the cover of the comic book.
  • SpongeBob appeared in the comic strip Mother Goose & Grimm when Grimm was so focused on the show, he would not come to dinner.
  • SpongeBob was mentioned in a 2014 comic strip of Dennis the Menace.
  • In the novel The Leftovers, one of the characters Nora Durst watches the series to cope with losing her son. The episodes The Snowball Effect, and Slimy Dancing are described.
  • In another monk book the book says that someone looks like Spongebob Squarepants.
  • In the issue #94 of Bart Simpson comics, Bart has a dream with a parody of SpongeBob SquarePants entitled "SpongeBart SquarePants." It features Bart Simpson as SpongeBob, Milhouse Van Houten as Patrick and Krusty the Clown as Mr. Krabs. The "Krusty Krabby Burger" is a parody of the Krusty Krab.
  • In "The House of Dark Shadows" David references "SquidBob TentaclePants."
  • In the IDW Comic "In a universe where..The Ghostbusters never Crossed the Streams" close to the end of the book there is a SpongeBob Reference where pictures on a roof have a parody of SpongeBob on them named "LoofaJoe RectangleShorts".

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