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This page is used to list the guidelines of articles on the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki.


I. General

  • A. The guidelines of Encyclopedia SpongeBobia refer to content, layout, and design of articles across the wiki.

II. Formatting

  • A. This section outlines the guideline pages for layouts of specific groups of articles.
  • B. Episodes
  • 1. Articles - guidelines that apply to all episode articles.
  • 2. Transcripts - guidelines that apply to all episode transcripts.
  • 3. Galleries - guidelines that apply to all episode galleries.
  • 4. Credits - guidelines that apply to all episode credit pages
  • C. Other

III. Page names

  • 1. All page titles and headers may only use capitals if:
  • a. The beginning word in the title and/or header
  • b. Proper nouns in the title and/or header
  • 2. The only exception is that only a word directly after a colon (:) or slash (/) may or may not use capital letters.


Correct Incorrect
Bikini Bottom bikini bottom
Galley Grub Galley grub
SpongeBob SquarePants:Discussions/Page titles and headers SpongeBob SquarePants:Discussions/Page Titles and Headers
List of food and drinks List of Foods and Drinks
Plankton's cousins Plankton's Cousins
List of instances in which the fourth wall is broken List of Instances in Which the Fourth Wall is Broken
==External links== ==External Links==
==See also== ==See Also==

IV. Stubs

  • 1. A stub is an article that is less than 1,000 bytes.
  • 2. Any article that is defined as a stub but also is an article in which all information is complete, is no longer considered a stub, no matter the length. Example: Since a stub is considered to be less than 1,000 bytes, and a certain article is 700 bytes, yet it is almost impossible to add any more information, the article can no longer be considered a stub.

V. Grammar

Main article: ESB:Grammar Guide

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